We are your dissidents

May 15, 2012 in general, technopunk by technopunk

NETWORK 11 – now hijacking all systems


Recently, corporations have been trying to force their way into the Hangars. We will not tolerate any corporation that will try to rule over us.
From now on, any foreign ship trying to fly over our territories without permission will be destroyed without any warning.

NETWORK 11 has developed its own range of DNAnoscans against infiltration. We will proceed to scans on any suspected citizens. All infiltrated agents will be prosecuted and eventually erased by NETWORK 11.

NETWORK 11 warns all citizens implanted with a REALCOV surveyor that their system will be reset.

NETWORK 11 claims the right to deactivate any surveyor.

NETWORK 11 warns REALCOV that their drones will be hijacked whenever they perform a DNAnoscan.

NETWORK 11 calls upon the free people to join our troops to defend intelligence rights.

This was a message from NETWORK 11


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