April 12, 2014 in general by technopunk

A small intro on the actual power from the tools of the trade.

It is after hours of long discussions with my power hacker matey ; of which I will anonymize the name right now ; that I came to this conclusion, that reality is not a commodity.
Lucky enough there are still a few high level hackers out there>> that are aware of their crypto power, aware of the convergence in between code/numbers/harmonious equations WITH the perfect curves of art and / or geometry.
Math and Art are brother and sister, both converging ; rather stochastically ; towards the wish to embrace that golden ratio, the golden number, the mother of all beauty and well being within our dimension, the one and only dimension that is reality.



I am in horror everytime I see how AR companies are trying to sell us the “idea” that mediated reality is just as useful as a frying pan, which is very useful of course, but only for one use, and that doesn´t reflect reality.

But there is no frying pan to sell, what’s for sale is the direct surrounding space englobing the physical space of the body of your potential customer. That space is sacred, it is personal space, it is s p a c e, do you ever realize what is the idea behind the word “space”? Space is formed of stars, planets and suns, galaxies, black holes and for some it is God. Space is huge and it’s not any GPS system that’s going to reveal the idea of its infinite power.

To make things short, and since this blog post almost only targets AR devs on the go, and no I am not even going to say “please”, no. This is mandatory. Mediated Realities will make people DREAM or they will just go unnoticed, as long as there is no mindblowing *content* .

Of course I know that investors might not exactly understand what this thing is about and afterall people that sell simple screws might be as rich as the ones selling weat. But on this subject, trust has to be put into the artists that are able to envision bigger things, or people will feel trapped. As the builder and artist behind the largest online VR cybercity, I guarantee you this result, a lifetime guarantee. On top of that, it is of human duty to try to build bigger things, considering our size compared to the universe.

The problem in between the time for software development and content creation (aka goods to consume for users), is outa space, most of the time devs work on softwares and forget CONTENT, and I know what the result is in the mind of the people “WE HAVE BEEN FOOLED” yes this is what people think about new technologies that have no content to offer but just theories that take the shape of BETA LOOKING CREATIONS >> it is a NO , NO, NO. And don´t you think that you will go fine with a few and small little eye candy creations, at least for Augmented Reality, and anyways I am not talking about candy crush saga here.

But Long live the goldsmith of all emotions, long live the art.

Simply GO sell REAL frying pans, or as some weird people might say, Get a real job mate.