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  1. Profile photo of Mira Mira says:

    ‘A lot of humans have left the planet to go live in other,easier places.’
    Where is classed as easier? Mars, in orbit around earth or deep space, some other unknown planet?

    ‘Insurance companies rule the world in an anarcho-capitalist system were everything is legal, secret societies still try to organize revolutions.’

    Why do insurance companies rule? What are they insuring? Human life?

    • Profile photo of Mira Mira says:

      ‘Realcov is the biggest insurance company, they have discovered the cure for cancer, dispatched to residents via the Surveyor.’

      Does realcov have any competitors, do they also know the cure for cancer?

      • Profile photo of Phoenix Phoenix says:

        Realcov has no competitors in the city. Realcov takes a subtle and mostly hidden hand, letting their healthcare monopoly and the ubiquitous surveyors do most of the work of controlling everyone in the city – to the extent they care about controlling it. But… if it becomes known you are providing health care to organics in the city, they take a more active hand in your daily affairs.

        • Profile photo of 209susan 209susan says:

          Most of the cities, colonies, settlements, etc, have one large corp at their center, some of them may try a more heavy hand at control than Realcov, some may not, usually they have the monopoly in that city. Other companies can come in and operate, but with permission, (and likely a share of profits).
          Realcov is more subtle like Phee said, just don’t go giving healthcare yourself…

    • Profile photo of Phoenix Phoenix says:

      There are colonies on almost every rocky body in the solar system at this point. There was even a huge atmospheric habitation complex floating above Venus, before it was destroyed. Ask Sue209 about that place.

  2. Profile photo of Phoenix Phoenix says:

    A few notes on setting…

    the currenty year is 2482. Hangars Liquides is on Earth. Spaceship drive systems are newtonian ONLY. If anyone has any RP background or setting questions, please ask myself, Lawrence, or Ashling.

  3. Profile photo of Aemeth Aemeth says:

    Oh neat! I like the setup. Have you guys created a secret backstory for what brought about the lockdown in the first place?

  4. Profile photo of 209susan 209susan says:

    like the next 15 years additions :)

  5. Aem, we’re working on a more detailed backstory at the moment, much more detailed than the one which is on the website. The new one will include Realcov and how the city turned out to be a lockup.
    The new backstory will be shared with the players in order to be discussed and integrated by them. Stay tuned!

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