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So it’s been quite a while Technopunk hasn’t been writing anything..This is due to the interstellar amount of work I have to do in Virtual Reality.
However, I have been quite overworked too, and tbh, it’s been years I pay a lot of attention to the diverse wars in the middle east and I need to leave a message somewhere, somewhere far from these horrible social media that are making me sick.
A lot of criticism has to be done. I originate from France and this is TRADITION Here, rude french tradition to be assholes, to criticize everything, to never be happy with anything! HA!
Since WW2 our national french flag has been held at half mast, for a very clear reason, that no one reacted on time, everyone could hear rumors here and there but, life was “going on” you know, however, the awakening was rather violent, enough to have the whole population here think that the least display of our national flag is a vain nationalist act. Nationalist as in fascist or close to neo-nazi. The celebration of a nation, our nation, isn’t on the program of this century. It always susprises people, especially my American friends when I say this, they don’t know, I think it is good they know.

Anyways, this blog post is about to leave a message, to all my friends that originate from anywhere, from any race, religion etc. It is not easy to express my discontent towards this or that country, considering I always have a friend there, be it middle east, USA, Africa, China anywhere really…But I have to do it, animals don’t write, though I consider humans to be animals too but I think that we have this difference, we can write, as we can speak (I always expressed doubt as to the fact I believe animals speak too). Well, so millions of ppl are using social media for nothing, there is no message there is nothing but selfless selfies, very nombrilistic stuff that’s irrelevant to the current CATASTROPHIC situation.

Flaws have to be talked about, our cultural differencies, etc, because that’s the point of war, triggering violence due to cultural differences, without prior talking, so let’s talk about it.

hugs to all my friends, know that I love you.


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Hangars Liquides to trash Berlin again, as usual, if ur around, may 7, just come naked it’s spring

If you want to be aware of every events, even though some are secret and are just not announced, follow la peste or hangars liquides on FB. ty


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Don’t be afraid to be lost, we are all lost. Now everything is one. Look at you, zoom out, as far as possible, with no limit.


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hangars liquides broadcast the futurist web radio from the darknet is streaming 24/7 it is also accessible via the right side of this web interface, clicking play button. All the music from composer laurent la peste, hangars liquides’s music label’s founder  in 1998.

The pieces composed there span from 2004 until now.

Hangars Liquides gives kudos to the audio community.


Nicolas Bourriaud, for the record.

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For the record, Hangars Liquides supports M. Bourriaud, for a few practical reasons. M. Bourriaud was able to face the wild punks from HL years ago, talk to us when everyone else would just be scared.
For doing so it is easy for us in the underground to say M. Bourriaud is one of the very few art person with such an open mind. We were happy to know he got the job at the direction of the Beaux Arts school in Paris. And we will be happy to learn when he will get another opportunity in his life in order to apply his open minded views on anything art related. Good Luck to you.

HL crew

William Gibson tweeted Hangars Liquides VR

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Yea, that’s cool hey, ty Bill

DYSTOPIA – creating dystopian art

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I get asked very often why there are no representations of corporate offices in my work, why there are no places where I represent the corporate elite. It is very simple, the elite of a dystopia doesn’t live in the dystopia they are in whatever they think is an utopia, and my work focuses on the representation of dystopia.

So I am going to depict ran down environments. I am not interested into depicting the elite that’s ruining the world. My aim is to try to raise awareness, and more humanity, more spirituality, I would like people to get more detached from materialism and consumption through feeling good in the city.

However, the presence of the elite is symbolized in some of the towers, especially the most central one, the highest of them all. This tower is covered by aggressive spikes all around it. (as you can see at the top right corner of the image that illustrates the website.)

The city of hangars liquides is up and running 24/7 in the real time 3D metaverse called Second Life. It offers deep immersion into dystopia. You can come visit the city by creating an account on after you created an account for free you can enter the city by teleporting through this link Dive into Dystopia





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Second Life is the largest virtual world that is compatible with the Oculus Rift. It emulates real life, as a result it is very unlikely that you will get motion sick using this program unless you start to simulate things that would get you motion sick RL as well.

oculus rift on second life @ hangars liquides , the largest and longest running virtual cyberpunk city

builder djehan kidd reporting
spaced out report

I did a second report a few days after the first one, isn’t tech, just good news, it is easy to not get motion sick using the Oculus Roft when you just “live” with it, I will make a report to explain my point of view too.



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The technopunk proudly brings it on @ the guardian

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Embrace your servers. Fuck around your:your fiberoptics.





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