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So it’s been quite a while Technopunk hasn’t been writing anything..This is due to the interstellar amount of work I have to do in Virtual Reality.
However, I have been quite overworked too, and tbh, it’s been years I pay a lot of attention to the diverse wars in the middle east and I need to leave a message somewhere, somewhere far from these horrible social media that are making me sick.
A lot of criticism has to be done. I originate from France and this is TRADITION Here, rude french tradition to be assholes, to criticize everything, to never be happy with anything! HA!
Since WW2 our national french flag has been held at half mast, for a very clear reason, that no one reacted on time, everyone could hear rumors here and there but, life was “going on” you know, however, the awakening was rather violent, enough to have the whole population here think that the least display of our national flag is a vain nationalist act. Nationalist as in fascist or close to neo-nazi. The celebration of a nation, our nation, isn’t on the program of this century. It always susprises people, especially my American friends when I say this, they don’t know, I think it is good they know.

Anyways, this blog post is about to leave a message, to all my friends that originate from anywhere, from any race, religion etc. It is not easy to express my discontent towards this or that country, considering I always have a friend there, be it middle east, USA, Africa, China anywhere really…But I have to do it, animals don’t write, though I consider humans to be animals too but I think that we have this difference, we can write, as we can speak (I always expressed doubt as to the fact I believe animals speak too). Well, so millions of ppl are using social media for nothing, there is no message there is nothing but selfless selfies, very nombrilistic stuff that’s irrelevant to the current CATASTROPHIC situation.

Flaws have to be talked about, our cultural differencies, etc, because that’s the point of war, triggering violence due to cultural differences, without prior talking, so let’s talk about it.

hugs to all my friends, know that I love you.


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The technopunk proudly brings it on @ the guardian

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Embrace your servers. Fuck around your:your fiberoptics.




Technopunk Declared #1 geekest website of its year.

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Its concept resides into :

Loading a cat and buffering a song


When da hybrid prodz visitz djehan didd, it makes ace

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Legendary techno producer Cari Lekebusch, founder of the excellentissime Hybrid Prod stopped at HL to shoot two beautiful machinimas over the years :

Here is the latest that was shot for The  Advent (geez)  H-PRODUCTIONS // [HPX67] // THE ADVENT — SONIC INTERVENTION (2012)

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And another one was the first one, and I was just amazed, was a video for Robert Leiner (double geez)..HPX19 Lost And Found by Robert Leiner aka The Source Experience (2008)

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TECHNO RULEZ! respect to Cari and Hybrid Prod for gracing our graphix with the best techno in the world.

We are your dissidents

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NETWORK 11 – now hijacking all systems


Recently, corporations have been trying to force their way into the Hangars. We will not tolerate any corporation that will try to rule over us.
From now on, any foreign ship trying to fly over our territories without permission will be destroyed without any warning.

NETWORK 11 has developed its own range of DNAnoscans against infiltration. We will proceed to scans on any suspected citizens. All infiltrated agents will be prosecuted and eventually erased by NETWORK 11.

NETWORK 11 warns all citizens implanted with a REALCOV surveyor that their system will be reset.

NETWORK 11 claims the right to deactivate any surveyor.

NETWORK 11 warns REALCOV that their drones will be hijacked whenever they perform a DNAnoscan.

NETWORK 11 calls upon the free people to join our troops to defend intelligence rights.

This was a message from NETWORK 11


neurocore – ‘oublie tes illusions’ hangars liquides 18

MSR_NV NCRPT #25122366

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the recent crash of our ship in Hangars Liquides cannot be tolerated.

The anarchy in that town prevents us from contacting any local authority.

Whether Crimson Merchants or some other faction are involved or not, we must take action.

I command that the following series of sensible targets be bombed starting from tomorrow.

Find herewith attached an encrypted file with the locations and timings.

Doge Nicolò Michiel III

the Most Serene Republic of Nova Venetia

New World Notes suggests Penny Arcade to visit us :)

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and in case you missed it, here’s another great article Hamlet Au wrote about hangars liquides at the beginning of march :


the technopunk trailer

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