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The technopunk proudly brings it on @ the guardian

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Embrace your servers. Fuck around your:your fiberoptics.




MSR_NV NCRPT #25122366

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the recent crash of our ship in Hangars Liquides cannot be tolerated.

The anarchy in that town prevents us from contacting any local authority.

Whether Crimson Merchants or some other faction are involved or not, we must take action.

I command that the following series of sensible targets be bombed starting from tomorrow.

Find herewith attached an encrypted file with the locations and timings.

Doge Nicolò Michiel III

the Most Serene Republic of Nova Venetia

New World Notes suggests Penny Arcade to visit us :)

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and in case you missed it, here’s another great article Hamlet Au wrote about hangars liquides at the beginning of march :


Welcome to the Technopunk Network

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The website is finaly finished and ready to go.
You can register as a new user and don’t forget to register your new blog too. Have fun!

dystopia, from Ancient Greek: δυσ- “bad, abnormal, difficult”, and Ancient Greek: τόπος, “place, landscape” is “an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be”  as coined by John Stuart Mill in 1868.

We welcome you to Hangars Liquides, the technopunk deconstructions.

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