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BACKSTORY! Ideas here! (3 posts)

  • Profile picture of Lawrence Celestalis Lawrence Celestalis said 6 years, 4 months ago:

    Post ideas and suggestions here.

  • Profile picture of Gabriel Adler Gabriel Adler said 6 years, 4 months ago:

    As time progressed, the economic disparity of the world became more and more apparent. Towers became taller, and the rich moved up while the poor moved down. Economies began to transcend borders, everyone became more interconnected. The year (TBD) marked the end of a decade long Third World War, and most areas were left under the authority of mega-corporations, or thinly veiled puppet governments that act at the whim of the aforementioned corporations. Life in these corporate-controlled cities is strictly regulated, data and people are policed, censored, and controlled, and aberration is met with swift termination. Shanghai, as a result of China’s policy to become more open in order to increase their economic output, turned into a melting pot of Western and Eastern corporate interests during the war and grew exponentially until a post-war downturn rendered it, and many areas around the globe, economically dead. Corporations vacated several districts, and, as time progressed, these districts began to burst at the seams with criminals, who were the only people willing to service the poverty ridden area. All forms of law and government in the area quickly disintegrated, Shanghai officials and police eventually stopped going to the area, leaving behind a Wild West district, thick with people governed by only themselves. This area, this hub of crime and villainy where data and people could drop off the grid and not fear corporate retribution, would be named by the masses as Hangar Liquidies on account of the visual rippling effect that the airliners’ engines created.

    Today, corporations fueled by another economic upturn fight tooth and nail against the criminal entities, strong with decades of illegal credits generated from their drug and weapon smuggling operations, among other activities, unable to claim anything meaningful. Only corporations willing to fight dirty can find an in, claim some of the city for their own, and finance the criminal syndicates to ensure other corporations have an even tougher time of entering the city.

  • Profile picture of Lawrence Celestalis Lawrence Celestalis said 6 years, 4 months ago:

    The three ages of Hangars


    Year 2298: Realcov, a privately owned company in a large industrial area in Eastern Asia, found an experimental cure to cancer. Their plants were established in the highly polluted, huge residential complex close to their factories. News about the possible cure provided enough human guinea pigs for the initial R&D tests and endless customers afterwards.

    Rather than developing their business as a chemical corporation, Realcov found a more creative way to profit from their breakthrough by becoming an insurance company.

    Any insured who payed for a lifetime RLCV insurance plan were provided a system of implanted microchips, called “The Surveyor”, monitoring bodily functions. Bad habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, self-induced insomnia and any other unhealthy behaviour in general were taxed by Realcov as a “malus”, a rise of the yearly coverage costs.


    As the residential complex grew larger over time, the corporations surrounded it with checkpoints. The outside of the complex weren’t a nice place to wander: bandits, mercenaries, mutated animals, warbots continuously ran their killing routines in those areas.

    Business in town was thriving as the town continued to grow. At a certain point it became necessary to expand vertically, hence the towers were being built one kilometer in height.
    Landing spaces for transportation and trading ships were set at the top of numerous towers.
    The peculiar suspended airport and the vehicles’ jets heated the air, creating a visual rippling effect which gave birth to the new name for the city: “Hangars Liquides”.

    While business prospered, criminal underground activities were expanding as well. By year 2350, corporations who officially retired outside the city licensed it to NovaSEC Solutions, the leading corp for security. NovaSEC isolated it with walls, firing turrets, more outposts and checkpoints, turning it into a prison, where inmates from all over the world were brought.

    It was during this time when Hangars was rapidly becoming nicknamed as ‘The Lockup’.

    “The Lockup” was massive, the biggest mega-jail in history, with enough room for thousands of criminals and staff. NovaSEC Solutions went beyond their normal engineering prowess to deliver an incredible, state of the art, fully-staffed, isolated, and self-sufficient prison. NoveSEC was doing big business, until eventually its corruption and the loss of the majority of their advertising/corporate sponsorship forced a massive, one-day withdrawal of every NovaSEC person on site (known as “The Big Fuck Off”, as named by the inmates who watched it happen).

    Now…left in “The Lockup” were thousands of inmates, along with enough of NovaSEC’s leftover equipment, weapons, food and facilities to start a small war. And one did start, as the world watched on, “The Lockup” eventually burned to the ground. The more powerful convicts, gang warlords and murderous cyborgs formed factions that fought for borders among the newly divided city, tearing it apart. Communications to the outside world were also set up for financial, material and chemical supply. Soon there was a smuggling road and countless ‘credits’, the currency used in the city, being made as drugs and weapons moved in and out, fueling the conflict.


    Over the next fifteen years, the former jail slowly transformed. The abandoned offices and cells became shops and homes for the impromptu civilization. As money came into the city the people put it to work and soon a shaky yet stable truce between all factions was established.
    Corporations like RealCov and others were finally able to revisit the abandoned city, only to find that it had become a criminal haven: a lawless, self-governing patchwork of mercs, lowlifes, and junkies.

    Now in Hangars Liquides, the city of shifting borders and melting minds, there is only one rule: “Anything goes”. Restoring order, or taking control, is going to be a long and difficult process.

    Corporations seeking to profit off of the chaos are moving in, junkies squat in burned out prison employee housing and cell blocks, and the potential is there for any enterprising criminal or crime fighter to make a difference… but the future is not yet written. What happens next is up to you.