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So you want to learn more about being a real Hangars Citizen? It’s gonna take more than flashing around a mega weapon, wearing sleek, shmexy outfits or bringing in know-hows from past RP experience. Hangars Liquides carries a realistic, avant garde way of RPing. Those who wish to do serious roleplay here will be known by their efforts to create a serious character. Here’s how:

1. Create an Account on the technopunk website and Create a Backstory for Your Character.

Technopunk is the main website for character creation in Hangars Liquides (HL), where you can start your own blog for writing your character’s Backstory and Basic Profile. You may also read about the factions in HL and choose one to join one ‘in Sim’ (inside the Second Life sim). You’re even free to create a faction of your own.
Wordpress accounts are free. On your blog you can customize its appearance, post RP action that you’ve experienced in Sim or write additional storylines to coincide with the recent city events.

2. Get in the Game

Visit HL often! RPers and Admins pop in and out of HL a lot during the course of a day, and though there may not be a mass-load logged in at the same time, there are folks to interact with at just about any given time, if you wish to . Remember, you’re one of the Citizens that others are looking to RP with, too! So make yourself known and interact!

We suggest to always IM chat with a fellow Citizen or RPer before roleplaying with them in Local Chat, to be sure that you’re on the same page with the roleplay. If there are more than one RPer around, it’s best to communicate Out of Character (or “ooc”) chat with double-parenthesis.

(( Hey guys, up for some RPing right now? ))

3. Read the blogs of other HL Citizens.

One of the easiest ways to know how to interact with citizens that you run into in Sim is to read their blogs on the technopunk website. This will give you a good feel for who they are, what they’re like and how to interact with them once you meet them ‘in person’.

4. “Get a Room!” – Flats in HL

HL has all sorts of apartments and hovels for our Citizens! Rent starts at L$400 a week (50 Prims) and the locations and views are awesome (of course, hovels are free; just pick any outside alleyway or somesuch). You can teleport to any of the available locations from the Apartment Terminals at the HL Landing Pad.

5. Check Back for Events!

The Admins of HL bring new city storylines to our RP world often – check back with for new event announcements! These events really kickstart and help along ongoing personal stories for our RPers, which in turn can be posted on your blog, further progressing your characters interaction with the Sim!

6. Don’t Give Up

To some, HL may be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, just take things slowly and observe others as you go, both in Sim and on the technopunk site, and ask away if you have any questions. Admins are glad to help out in the ‘Hangars Liquides RP group in SL, or on the technopunk website. We’re looking forward to seeing you around.

the technopunk crew

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