Lawrence Celestalis



RLCV NCRPT15122499
To: Djehan Kidd

Here's the info you asked for:

Lawrence 'madcat' Celestalis
Commander of the Black Guards ot the Most Serene Republic of Nova Venetia
birthdate: unknown

Nova Venetia is how they call HoloVenice, the suspended city floating over the now submerged Venice.
The fact that they used holograms to recreate the sunken city to keep atracting tourists is where the small republic gets its popular name.
Nova Venetia gets its power out of oil pumping, which lowered the mainland level and flooded all Veneto region and part of what was once known as Northern Italy.

Celstalis refused to sanitize with explosives a zone in the mainland where civils were illegally living. He was referred to Martial Court but escaped with his personal legion before being arrested.

Some of his hackers managed to destroy all data about him and all the crew which departed with him.

Quite kind and nice to people, he is equally cold blooded with enemies.
Don't be fooled by his behaviour and always remember where he had his nickname from.

At the moment leading Crimson Merchants Ltd., a company selling 20. and 21. century art.
We have nearly evidence they are thieves and smugglers, but no real proof, since they also lead legal activities.

In your report you mention you are entertaing friendly relations with CM. Keep it that way.

Update: It seems Criminal Celestalis, as he was called in the previous town, is re-joining his originary Black Guards and recently brought to Hangars his top gunner, ellen Blackburn, and yesterday an Artifical Intelligence was registered with miach Solutions, that AI seems to be a back up of Nakita Sinclair, another element of Celestalis personal élite, who was killed during their escape from Nova Venetia.

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character's traits

Celestalis is a bit paranoid and doesn't want to be known too much about him, he is also haunted by nightmares, which suggest a military past, which he never officially disclosed.