• Doc Spidermarcus posted an update 2 years, 2 months ago

    It WORKS!!!!
    (but all the menu points are just a mystery to me, the community, the active stream, a special Blog tap, a forum, Groups, and some of your company seems to have an own Blog on your domain… i ´ll wonder if i can embed a videoclip, this old freaky PERRY RHODAN Project we have started years ago. It´s a science fiction topic, i build all this most important Perry Rhodan vehicles, a so called SHIFT (what´s a flying hover jet-tank), a huge 1:1 60 meter dinghy…. it´s already a compleat Battle-Sphere! Let me see, maybe i can embed that from Youtube also. But we just got that 62qm parcell somewhere lost on mainland….

    meanwhile check out that link: The THIRD HOPE TWO!

    • unbelivable…. it´s so easy… it just works.
      some scenes are shot on our mainland parcell, also i had a wreckage at Splinterrock on Al Raquis… you will see…..

      Oh yeah…. btw: we stole tha ship from the Arkon Aliens