Growing up in a corporate family & living in comfortable corporation housing, Thrill has known no wants. Immersed in her corporate upbringing Thrill has been sheltered from the political winds and is naive to the ways of life outside the sterile corporation. Her parents were members of the Corporation's Senior Researching Team which specialized in Bio-Sinthetic tissue integration. Her parents generally considered Thrill a nuisance, thus it was the infrastructure of the Corporation that raised her.

Thrill's education was sponsored by this Corporation. Once graduated from boarding school, the Corporation enrolled her into their Military Academy. As a youth & young adult, Thrill studied constantly determined not to be a failure, although she did ensure she lead a very elated & excessive social life. She was molded into a Corporate darling who's goal was to serve the Corporation which had provided for her all her life. Thrill was considered average in regards to weapons, logistics, communication, and computer technologies. She majored in nursing sciences which focused on the pathophysiology of humans & synthetic-human integrated systems. After graduating from the Corporation's Military Academy, Thrill was contracted to work in the Corporation's portable field hospitals where she cared for Corporate Enforcers injured on duty.

Soon Thrill was transferred to the Corporation's private research hospital where she was lead to believe that the patients there were volunteering for elective bio-synthetic enhancements. Being a good Corporate citizen, Thrill believed what she was being told. Eventually, it dawned on her that the Corporation's research was maleficent in nature. This drove Thrill to commit actions which went against her sworn pledge to do no harm, she helped patients expire. Disgusted with herself and having been abused by a possessive experimental surgeon one too many times, Thrill fled her only home. Having never been totally independent & having a sheltered upbringing, Thrill is worried she hasn't got what it takes to survive on her own. She has escaped her corporate cage and is determined not to return or get caught.

character's traits

Witty, but a bit of a twit. Thrill is friendly, trusting and naive. To those close to her, she is fiercely loyal. She can be easily distracted, but is be extremely focused when there is a task at hand. Thrill will always put others before herself. Hopefully this won't be her downfall, now that she is not under the protection of the Corporate Hive.