The crew wants to make a statement

Technopunks are a community of people that have learned to live together since years, if you are new to it, then adapt yourself and be aware that you got to take care of your self, and that if you do this you will be able to get something back from the community.

The RP is free form, don’t bother the crew , just get your Rpers friends over and RP, we provide you with the absolute BEST environment for cyberpunk RP on the grid, if you aren’t sure what this is about check out the EXIT paragraph.

EXIT people that are always in need ┬áto “receive” things as soon as they pop in, we aren’t waiting for no one, we are already very numerous, we are thousands, and everyone can take care of themselves, in a true anarchist manner.

EXIT whiners,┬áthis is dystopia, not happy? ctrl F “utopia”.

EXIT modders, technopunx crew on the grid isn’t a modding team we create everythee from scratch we don’t *pretend*.

Don’t bother Djehan Kidd, she isn’t into RP she is into mesh.

VOILA, now, have fun, and keep in mind this is a friendly environment for free people.

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