DYSTOPIA – creating dystopian art

March 5, 2015 in general by technopunk

I get asked very often why there are no representations of corporate offices in my work, why there are no places where I represent the corporate elite. It is very simple, the elite of a dystopia doesn’t live in the dystopia they are in whatever they think is an utopia, and my work focuses on the representation of dystopia.

So I am going to depict ran down environments. I am not interested into depicting the elite that’s ruining the world. My aim is to try to raise awareness, and more humanity, more spirituality, I would like people to get more detached from materialism and consumption through feeling good in the city.

However, the presence of the elite is symbolized in some of the towers, especially the most central one, the highest of them all. This tower is covered by aggressive spikes all around it. (as you can see at the top right corner of the image that illustrates the website.)

The city of hangars liquides is up and running 24/7 in the real time 3D metaverse called Second Life. It offers deep immersion into dystopia. You can come visit the city by creating an account on http://secondlife.com after you created an account for free you can enter the city by teleporting through this link Dive into Dystopia